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{7 mo}

More than half of year 2011 is gone and our Lil Hannah is 7mo today. She has caught the flu bug and has been having runny nose and cough since beginning of the week. Her statistics taken 2 days ago at the clinic.

Weight: 6.9kg
Length: 67cm

She is quite a petite baby just like her sisters.

Her separation anxiety is increasingly noticeable these few days. As I walk pass her, she will start crying 'mam mam' if I go out of sight. I was secretly wishing she mean 'ma ma'. She remains sociable with family members, relatives, friends and even strangers and is willing to let anyone carry. Well, that's a smart baby. Hope she continue to be so. I fret at the thought that she is picky and only want mommy and daddy to carry her.

Today I have seen her on her knees and palms quite regularly. Just last week at the yoga lesson, the instructor mentioned that baby is ready to sit by herself when this happen! But I didn't get my camera ready to capture her on fours. She can't crawl forward by herself yet, but with a little help and some attractive objects placed infront, she can ultimately reach them.

Foodwise, she is eating well and I continue to let her try out new food like egg yolk, brown rice, chicken meat, xiao bai Cai. She is the most cooperative eater among the girls. I am keeper my fingers crossed that she would not be as choosy as her sisters.

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Sarah received a WOW award today in school for good progress in academic work and work attitude.

Though just a baby step, I am very proud of you, my dear Sarah.

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Goodies from USA

I have been wanting to try Lush out after reading it online. Finally they are here with me. Thanks to a dear friend who bought them for me.

Some of the best sellers. And that pink polo dress is for dear Hannah when she can walk.

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Photo of Hannah

Instant food

With a high demand 6mo, I try to save time whenever possible. So instead of spending time to cook everyday for Hannah, I cook in bulk and freeze them into cubes.

This is frozen porridge, spinach, cabbage, carrot with onions.

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I was in a spring cleaning mood and decided to de-clutter the space under my kitchen stove this morning. A much neater area lifts up my mood!

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New kid on dining table

Hannah is now able to sit quite upright at 6m10d. We were having tea break this afternoon at Vivo City Kim Gary HK Cafe and we let her joined us at the table on a high chair for the first time instead of sitting in her stroller.

Exploring her new toy.

Can you spot a tiny piece of bread in her mouth?

Very fun indeed.

Where's Hannah?

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First taste of medicine

Hannah had her first taste of medicine today as she has been coughing for the past two days. To play safe, I brought her to the pediatrician and he prescribed this for her.

Though sick, her appetite is as usual but just a little grouchy. Sarah offered to carry her whenever she is free.

But I prefer to let her play on her own.

My dear Lil Hannah, hope you have some peaceful sleep tonight. May God bless you and keep you healthy.

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Hannah is progressing well with solid food since I started her at 5months old. She started with rice cereal. Followed by pureed fruits such as bananas, apples, pears, avocados, peaches. I have also offered her sweet potatoes, potatoes, tomatoes, pumpkin, white onions, sweet peas, spinach. About 2 weeks ago she had her first threadfin porridge. I got to crack my brains everyday so as to give her a variety of food.

Today she self fed herself with a baby rice cracker.

You are doing well my dear nana.

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Easy roast pork

Not too long ago I joined an online spree and bought the Happycall double side pan. I have used it in on a few occasions, it has served me well so far, floor is less oily and I do not have to worry about disfigured hands and face made by oil splatters.

I used the pan again today to make roast pork or Siu Yuk. This is my first try and I must say it is easier than I have imagined!

My anyhow recipe.

1. Blanch the pork belly.
2. Slit a few cuts on the pork skin.
3. Rub five spice powder, pepper and salt all over the pork.
4. Heat up pan with 1 tbsp cooking oil.
5. Place the skin side on the Happycall pan and cover up.
6. Fry for 10min over medium fire.
7. Fry other sides of meat for 3-5 minutes per side.
8. Cut into slices.

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